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Is This The New Standard of Health Monitoring Smartwatch? Discover the Smartwatch That Sets A New Trend In 2020
Written by Christina Kerby on May 8, 2020
Summary:  A European start-up tech company launched their flagship smartwatch called OshenWatch. A new breed of smartwatch that challenges the BIG smartwatch brands out there. 

As the number of convinced customers continually grows, Oshenwatch is the flagship smartwatch of the new era that only costs X3 lesser than the competition.

Oshenwatch is made to give the most demanding users what they want, without the hefty price.
This new flagship model is selling out real fast everywhere! So we looked into this craze and what makes this new smartwatch brand so popular!

Admit it or not, you know that the big tech brands are only ripping us off. Every year, they launch they’re so-called upgrade in their products. Yet with very little changes, they sell them expensively.

But the question is, is there a way to get a smartwatch with top-notch quality without splurging?

Well, seems like there is. And people are starting to realize this and choose this new product over the biggest names in the smartwatch market.

What is it?

This is the OshenWatch. And thousands of users have switched to it already. For one, it’s incredibly similar to the premium watch minus the crazy price tag.

The OshenWatch is sold by a startup tech company from Europe. Manufactured in the same Chinese factories where the major brands are. That explains the superb build quality just like the flagship models from the biggest companies.

They built it with the same parts, technology, and software from the expensive models. If you look closely and examine it, you will notice its premium cutting-edge quality, and how the OshenWatch exudes elegance, with its ultra thin built and style.

The OS of this premium smartwatch operates smoothly while being energy-efficient. No need to stress about the battery life as it can back you up for up to 20 days -- take note, in only a single charge.

What Makes The OshenWatch So Popular?

In our opinion, we think that’s because the OShenWatch focused on the features that really matters:
  • Reliably Long Battery Life - lasts up to 20 days on a single charge
  • ​Classy Ultra Thin Design - that’s tough and resistant to water and extreme conditions
  • Always-On HD touch display - gives simplified and enhanced operation
  • ​Accurately - measures your vital signs real-time, one of the most accurate heart sensors ever built for a smartwatch
These are the highly essential features that most of us look for in a smartwatch in 2020. And yet, the OshenWatch is equipped with more features to impress us.
What Are The Other Awesome Features?
You might be surprised by how the OShenWatch boasts useful features that you thought you’d only find in expensive brands:
  • ECG monitoring at your fingertips - only takes a minute to perform an accurate electrocardiogram on you and syncs results with the OShenWatch app on your smartphone.
  • ​Full Screen Touch - Large screen IPS colour, LCD screen, touch without any interference
  • AI Sleep Monitoring feature - detects and monitors your sleeping pattern. The app provides helpful and personalized suggestions for improving your sleep quality.
  • Cutting-edge Bluetooth technology - is fast and easy connection with your smartphone. It lets you receive social media notifications instantly including SMS/Skype/Facebook/Twitter/Line/WhatsApp. You can also make phone calls with it and can act as a remote control for your smartphone camera and music. Also compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Multi-sport mode -  counts step, exercise time, mileage, calorie consumption, sleep monitoring and includes 8 kinds of sports modes such as walking, running, badminton and football.
  • More than ​20 languages (in Android and iOS) - includes English, Chinese, Germany, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian,Bahasa Indonesia,Czech,Arabic,Polish, Greek, Romanian, Finnish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese.
  • ​Multiple stylish watch faces - preinstalled plus an option for customization.

For whom is the OshenWatch For?

This awesome smartwatch is designed for everyone. It’s for someone of any age who values health and fitness, with or without time for daily exercise. This smartwatch can help you achieve your fitness goals, every step of the way.

If your an adrenaline junkie, the OshenWatch is also for you. It’s resistant to shock and extreme weather conditions, heat and cold--expect this smartwatch to last.

The OshenWatch is also for the ones who desire a top-brand flagship smartwatch but avoids splurging their hard earned money on it. Its modern design and multifunction capabilities of a high-end smartwatch sure can rival that expensive model you’re eyeing.

This smartwatch is also designed for every style and personality. You can choose from a variety of colors a shade that speaks your character. That also makes the OshenWatch a thoughtful gift for anyone.

9 out of 10 Users are Extremely Satisfied With the OShenWatch

“It’s like my fitness companion. I use it at the gym when exercising, also when sleeping to improve my sleep quality. I just love how helpful it is in keeping me fit and healthy.”  -Wilson, 45 
“OShenWatch is minimal yet stylish. The ultra thin body makes it simply elegant, and yet the screen is HD and just the right size for my arm.” - Lindsy, 28 
“I ordered a pair, for me and my wife. We’re impressed how it measures our important health signs, especially with the heart. Not complicated to operate too.”  - Ben, 65 

How Much Does the OshenWatch Cost?

Considering all the features, functions, and the quality of the material, we estimated the cost might be between $300-$500.
But we’re wrong. This amazing top-rated smartwatch only costs $49.99! 

Imagine, it has almost everything that you’re looking for, with the same premium quality as the biggest brands in the smartwatch market, and yet it costs 6X less!

Sure you want an explanation for that.

The fact that the OshenWatch spends almost nothing on advertising helps them save so much more. Come to think of it, they’re so confident in their product that they let the customer experience do the talking for them.

They rely on good customer reviews for promotion.

Meanwhile, huge brands spend BILLIONS on advertising alone--and that’s what makes their products cost so much!

But Why Is It So Affordable?

Quick trivia: Big brands spend BILLIONS on advertising, physical stores, and huge incentives. Can you guess who’s paying for that? Yep, us the customers…

The OshenWatch spends nothing on any of those. They only sell online, don’t advertise on TV and don’t have greedy store owners who demand ridiculous bonuses.

They prefer to let their devices and the users’ positive reviews do the talking for them!

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

It’s a pretty common business strategy these days. They let a certain number of customers get the item at a HUGE discount, as a result, extremely satisfied users give their positive reviews and free social media attention!
And here’s a good news for you: we have the links to their best promos right here!

Conclusion: Should you buy it? 

100% YES!

Surely, you think a smartwatch with such crazy features cost around $300-$500+.
Do you know that there’s something better than paying the good deal price of $109.99? 
Their 50% promotional discount, where you can order yours for just $49.99

That’s a small price to pay, for a 24/7 heart rate monitor device!
And isn’t it amazing that similar models from big brands cost about 3-5x more?
Be aware they could go back to full price once it goes viral and demand grows, so order fast!

Where Can I Buy the OshenWatch Smartwatch? 

That’s super easy.
1- Order the OshenWatch from the their official OshenWatch online shop here.
2- Feel at ease with real-time health monitoring and alerts 24/7!

TIP: The HUGE discount makes the OshenWatch sell out rapidly in the US right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast before the discount ends!

To see if they are still available in your region, click on your state or the button below.
Note : OshenWatch Smartwatch is not available in Amazon or Ebay.

Monitor your health with the new OshenWatch

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